assignment #10

armed with three tools, such as a pen, scissors and a stapler, make your way to a bench somewhere in a park or other public area. using only objects that you find along the way, such as litter, leaves, fliers et cetera make an allegorical piece and leave it on the bench.


assignment #9

Create (through words, images, etc.) a letter to your favorite place. Try to mail or hand deliver it.


assignment #8

Make something ( a story, a poem, an essay, scene of a film, a
shopping list for an imaginary trip; form is irrelevant - use images,
photos, cut ups if you like) with one or more other people. Make a
starter sentence, phrase, word, image etc then enlist someone else to
take over. Take turns adding paragraphs, words, pictures, found
objects - anything that seems like a good personal measure. Mix
materials. The point is - make something with someone else.

I'm using, "I don't want to come off as an angel..." (stolen from a magazine).


assignment #7

Draw or describe a combination of you and your spirit animal. I'm thinking similar to Frida's portraits of her with a deer's body, but this can manifest in different ways.



pick a complicated word that best describes where you're at and what you're working on/dealing with in life at this time (for example my weekend was CATHARTIC and also i'm feeling the presence of a peronified NEMESIS). use this word or words as often as possible in conversation. say this word to yourself over and over when you are alone until it has no meaning anymore. write it down on the back of your hand.


assignment #5.

go into a bar or club alone. write or sketch about your ideal community on a cocktail napkin and leave it face up on the bar before you leave.

assignment #4.

make a map of a place (real or imagined) that you've never told anyone about.